Both standard and customized 20’ and 40’ offices manufactured from one ship containers are available for sale or rental from Aloha Container Sales & Rental. These offices, both standard and customized, are designed to create a comfortable, safe and productive center for remote job site and additional alternative office space. Whether for a remote construction, farm or governmental job site, these containers can be customized to meet your specific requirements such as:

- Internal lighting with placement to provide the best location for desk placement
- Electrical outlet placement to best meet you specific equipment requirements and location
- Wall paneling using either a textile covering or a traditional “wood” paneling
- Standard or custom fitted doors for easy access including roll-up doors
- Custom windows with outside security bars
- Air conditioning
- Epoxy or carpeted floor coverings
- Security locks for internal doors and external doors
- Steps for easy access to trailered or high level entry
- Additional customization may be available upon request

Please call us at 808-843-8600 to see how Aloha Container Sales & Rental can help you meet your storage and office needs using competitively priced 20’and 40’ containers. Aloha!

Aloha Container remote job site office exterior

Aloha Container remote job site office door open

Aloha container remote job site office interior

Aloha container office rental interior

Aloha container alternative office space interior